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  1. Lee Belcher says

    Shalom Glennette, I trust things are working out in Texas. Yes I was in Naco the other day talking with Sis Martinez and she told me that the people really were blessed in the Weds. night service that you all were involved with. Many said they wanted you to come back and stay longer for revival services. Now let me tell ya they’ll keep you there probably longer than you can stay. That service I believe I told one of you was a turn around service for many of the people. It has lanuached us one step further in the Kingdom, so as a result sis Martinez is scheduling a revival service next week with a couple from a church in Agua Prieta that came to our Sunday service to sing. The people want more! If you could have stayed longer we would have continued revival services. just let me know when you can come back and we;ll make some overnight sleeping arrangements, and make sure your fed, and hopefully we can help pay some of your expence getting here. God bless, Lee”

  2. Donna Reese Kirkland says

    Hi Goodbread Ministries, I know that most of my blessing with you guys probably came years ago with Robert, but since my Daddy and brother have passed away, I can honestly say that the FIRST ones I wanted to come to our sides were you guys. I wanted you here to pray, I wanted you here for support, and I knew if I never even spoke to either of you during the ordeal, that you would know that I felt better because you did come, and you were here. There are very few in this world that I can think of that when I need my faith reaffirmed, that I can call on. When I think of the times that I felt that God was here, that I felt like I was in the presence of his holy spirit, it was when a TRUE man of God spoke his word, and that is Robert Goodbread. I just want you to know, I have not forgotten, and will NEVER forget, that when Satan knew he was being thrown out of many peoples lives, including mine, he stepped up his game through some people that could not resist him, and I lost what I knew was a REAL Holy Spirit filled man then. But have never forgotten what he showed me, that God is always there, all you have to do is love him……….

  3. Ann Marie Fallin says

    So very thankful for Robert Goodbread and his lovely wife Glennette whom I have known for a while. It was a blessing to have them in service last night. I was feeling worn down and oppressed by the enemy. Glenette got up and sang and I could really feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and power of God. When Robert got up to preach, he preached about the power of God and the truth and how the world is trying to water down God but how we still have the same power Jesus gave on the day of pentecost. Then I could feel the fire burning in my bones:) I left being touched by God and free from oppression and knowing who I am in Christ. Thank God for a who allows the power of the holy Spirit to moveand set ppl free and the freedom in the Holy Spirit. May God bless them richly!

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