Goodbread and Company

Goodbread and Company is made up of (in order shown below):

Robert Goodbread, Glennette Goodbread, Arlene Holmes and Shirley Culpepper

Goodbread and Co. Gospel Singing Group

We love singing for the Lord and if we are available, we would be most likely more than happy to sing at your gospel sing or Christian event.

Please check our Calendar for availability.


  1. Hello brother Robert and Glennette.
    Hopefully you are doing fine.
    Many thanks for the nice conversation over the phone.
    After carefully reading your website I was impressed with your Ministry’s programs.
    You are highly welcome to preach in our Village.
    We are interested in learning more from you spiritually..
    We’re are ayoung fellowship growing in our Village hence we need guidance and support for the Lord’s glory.
    Blessings & Prayers.
    Benard A Michieka

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